No I i Norge

Day 2

WELL…yesterday was a bit like spending a day in the life a zombie.

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Day 1

Day 1: How was it?

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My challenge

It certainly has been a while! I was on hiatus for a while and I wasn’t practising my Norwegian for a few months. I started to panic about losing it altogether so I picked up where I left of…kind of. I was very rusty.

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Reading Innsikt magazine and realising after several pages that my inner voice spoke Norwegian. A complete surprise!

Leser Innsiktmagasin og skjønner etter flere sider at min indre stemme talte på norsk!!! En fullstendig overraskelse.

Yesterday I read a vegan blog, and I read about half of the post when I realised that it was in Danish. Also, I have a friend who writes to me in Swedish and I write back in Norwegian. We understand each other for the most part. So, something I like about learning Norwegian is that I also learn some Danish and Swedish.



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So here I am

thom yorke dancing

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